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Detalle de la carrera

The Political Science Major explores government policies, processes, political theory, and international relations. This is an extensive program that will introduce students to the general study of the field of political science, and is suited for students who desire to examine the topics of public policy, foreign affairs, law, government, and the campaign processes.

Program Objectives

• Develop an understanding of the differences between various government and economic systems.

• Develop an understanding of the framework necessary to apply political, economic, social, historical, legal and philosophical foundations to the study of political science.

• Acquire an understanding of the stressors that population, natural resources, and environmental issues have on political frameworks.

• Acquire an understanding of the political theories needed to analyze policy and political actions.

• Develop skills in writing, research, and analysis.

Acerca de la universidad

The Keiser University Latin America Campus located in San Marcos, Nicaragua has the following security procedures in place:

Safety and security guidelines for students, staff and faculty are posted on the university website.

Any scheduled evening or weekend meetings require a member of the staff or faculty to be present and responsible for the maintenance of all security procedures.

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