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Detalle de la carrera

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology offers a diverse curriculum that provides a broad-based education in many facets of human behavior, mental processes, communication, research, and writing.

Courses include forensics, sports, and positive psychology, as well as the traditional courses needed to prepare students for graduate studies. Student learning objectives include the application of the scientific method, neuroscience relationship to behavior, and the application of ethical and humane treatment procedures in research projects.

Program Objectives

• Explain principles of neuroscience as they relate to behavior.

• Identify what constitutes the application of ethical and humane treatment procedures as they relate to human behavior.

• Develop writing research skills in the field of psychology.

• Develop an understanding of APA format and writing in the field of psychology.

• Develop an understanding of how statistics and the scientific method are used in the field.

Skills you will develop

• Expertise in human behavior and helping people personally and professionally.

• Having a positive influence and developing people in their work and their lives.

• Being a facilitator of change and self-motivation in others.

• Master abstract reasoning, flexibility, creativity, judgment, and logical problem solving.

• Having an open-minded approach to handle people’s situations with critical thinking.

Acerca de la universidad

The Keiser University Latin America Campus located in San Marcos, Nicaragua has the following security procedures in place:

Safety and security guidelines for students, staff and faculty are posted on the university website.

Any scheduled evening or weekend meetings require a member of the staff or faculty to be present and responsible for the maintenance of all security procedures.

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