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Detalle de la carrera

The Bachelor of Science degree in Public Safety Administration will offer a combination of public administration and management courses that focus on public policy issues ranging from budget development to grant writing and property management, administrative law, social policy and event response. The program will provide a comprehensive curriculum that will allow students with existing associate degrees in approved related fields to complete their baccalaureate degree and pursue career advancement. Graduates will be prepared to meet the demand for well-educated administrators in fire departments, emergency medical service agencies, police and sheriff’s departments and other governmental bureaus nationally.

Program Objectives

The following objectives are designed to meet Keiser University’s mission and its goals:

• Develop an understanding of public administration management within the context of public safety departments.

• Acquire skills in personnel management, grant writing, administrative law, property management and public relations in order to effectively supervise departments and work with the community.

• Develop an understanding of intergovernmental relations, how government all levels–local, state, and national–must work together to provide public safety and social services effectively.

• Develop emergency plans for catastrophic events to ensure public safety and the effective operation of their departments.

Prerequisites for Major Courses

• A minimum 24 semester credit hours of general education courses must be earned by students transferring credits from another associate degree program.

• Graduation from an accredited associate degree program in an approved field:

• Fire Science

• Paramedical Science

• Crime Scene Technology

• Criminal Justice

• Homeland Security

• Paralegal Studies

Acerca de la universidad

The Keiser University Latin America Campus located in San Marcos, Nicaragua has the following security procedures in place:

Safety and security guidelines for students, staff and faculty are posted on the university website.

Any scheduled evening or weekend meetings require a member of the staff or faculty to be present and responsible for the maintenance of all security procedures.

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