Licenciatura en Health Services Administration (ONLINE)

Keiser University
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Detalle de la carrera

Keiser University’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Services Administration provides a basic understanding of health services administration and of the unique skills needed by a health service administrator. Topics include theoretical and practical skills building coursework in both the public and private sectors including topics such as healthcare leadership, healthcare marketing, healthcare public policy, ethical and legal considerations in healthcare, healthcare finance and research methods.

Program Objectives

The following objectives are designed to meet Keiser University’s mission and its objectives.

• To provide students with a comprehensive foundation in healthcare administrative theory and practice pertinent to a successful career in healthcare management

• To develop a student’s ability to apply critical thinking, problem solving and professional communication skills

• To prepare students to work within various healthcare settings while applying ethical management principles and upholding industry standards

• To give students a thorough understanding of the measurement of health and disease in our population, the roles of various types of health professions in the delivery of services across the continuum of care and the importance of prevention in the cost of service provision.

Acerca de la universidad

The Keiser University Latin America Campus located in San Marcos, Nicaragua has the following security procedures in place:

Safety and security guidelines for students, staff and faculty are posted on the university website.

Any scheduled evening or weekend meetings require a member of the staff or faculty to be present and responsible for the maintenance of all security procedures.

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